Monday, September 28, 2009

First Brighton High Homecoming Parade!

Hannah, Brie, and Mollie
The kids can't wait!

Brie loves Mollie

Poor Kirby had a hurt foot!

This year was the first year that Brighton High School ever had a Homecoming Parade. This year was a beginning and we just went to the elementary and middle schools, which the kids got very excited about! Next year we hope to have it expand to the whole community!

Disney on Ice

I can't believe that we got into the FedEx Forum and discovered that I had left my camera in the car! All I had to capture the memories was my phone and I guess it was better than nothing! Brie loved the show, she wore her Minnie mouse dress and shoes that Grandmother and Aunt Linda got for her a month or so ago and was so excited!

Congrats to Chris and Caroline

Chris & Caroline at their handyman shower

All of my cousins and I were very close growing up. Days spent together at Grandmother's were the absolute best! We played in the bean field hiding, played down by the creek where we weren't supposed to be, and found anything and everything to do that was so much fun! Christopher has always been so special and I love him so much, and he has met this great girl Caroline and I can't wait to see them get married on Saturday, October 3rd!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cupcakes on a Saturday NIght

Brent and Bailey spent the night with memaw & Honey last night, so Brie and I made cupcakes. She wanted strawberry with white icing and sprinkles so that is what she got!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

We got to new kittens to stay around the shop to catch mice this winter. Right now they are really small so we are keeping them in an extra large doggie crate in the shop. The kids have actually done quite well cleaning out the litter box and feeding them. Their names are Orea and Tootsie Roll!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The end of summer...

We had quite the busy weekend. Friday night was Brighton vs. Cordova, we lost by 2 points but it was a great game. The kids love Friday nights as we sit in the endzone with faculty and everyone's kids have plenty of room to run around and we can keep a close eye on them. All the teachers kids love to run and play with one another.
Saturday, Brent spent the day with Papa and Granny and Bailey had Balfour down all day. That night some a couple of sets of friends came down and we grilled out and hung out while the 10 kids between us, 11 with my niece Jessica! They had a blast!!!
Sunday after church, everyone got ready to head to William Lea's place to ride four wheelers. It was so much fun! It was a late night and the kids slept great and late Monday morning. Bailey woke up not feeling well so I took him to the Take Care Clinic in Bartlett since no one else was open and we waited from 1145 and walked out at 515!! After signing in and finding out it would be a long wait, we got something to eat and sat in the car until 130. Then we sat until we were called back a little before 4. Granted they took lunch from 2-3. We got seen quickly, had to have the flu and strep test ran, then he has tonsillitis. Very large tonsils too, and he has a sore throat frequently so we are going to see an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor Monday. After getting med's filled there at Walgreens it was 515 when we got in the car!
Now today, both boys are sick and running fever so they are both on antibiotics now. Hopefully they will have a speedy recovery and we are just glad it is not the flu!
But.... now as I read this later... we went back to the DR. a few days later as they both were still very sick and the peditrician informed us they both have swine.... lovely....