Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snow pictures!

Brent pulling Brie, isn't that sweet!

Maryselle and the monster?? Nope, it's Conlee!

February 28th SNOW!!!

Brent with his sunglasses on to block the snow!
Conlee and Brie sledding

Mommy & Brie!

Conlee, Bailey, & Maggie

When the weatherman says that we may get a little snow, I have just ignored it because we normally don't get any or a few flurries. Not today!! We let Brent's basketball game around 3 and walked outside and it was sleeting. I went into wal-mart to do my grocery shopping very quickly because I had my 3 plus Maryselle and Conlee. When I got out of walmart it was snowing, and by the time we got to the girls house to get the coveralls and boots we were driving really slow. It is still coming down hard at 822pm! I hope we get alot!
The kids had a great time playing outside today!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Aren't we all in the same boat?

If you don't follow this blog and you like deals, well you should follow it. I have to admit that I am not that great about following deals and cutting out coupons but I am trying to start. Just like week I had coupons that I found in the paper and when I bought the kids Madagascar 2 I got $9 off, I thought that was pretty exciting. $9 adds up when you already have $100 worth of stuff in your buggy at wal-mart.
I thought that todays post on was real because she talked about how people discussing their finances is sort of taboo. I know that everyone doesn't want to put their "business" out there, but it is great when people want to share a little something that they have learned.
I think especially in the past year or so that we have all been in the same boat. Gas was outrageous when it was $3.80 a gallon and Jason drives to Memphis daily. Just two years ago we were both working in Memphis, but hey we both had jobs and it was fine until gas got so high. I have been blessed by finding a wonderful job at Regions in commercial banking in the fall of 2007 where I worked for a year before I started here at BHS. I had always wanted to teach but with kids while I was finishing my degree, not working for 6 mths to student teach then trying to get a job was not an option at the time. Business was something I also loved, so now I get to do both things rolled into one!
I think as mothers, and if you are a mother like me who pays all the bills and balances the checkbook, we all tend to get a little stressed out over money. There is never enough of it to go around! But we make it through and we are thankful for the things that we have and the jobs that we have to be able to pay our bills and have a car and a house to live in! Just this month there have been baseball sign ups for 2 boys, softball sign ups, and just this week payment for 3 dance costumes for recital. Kate and I were standing up there writing our check together saying "no wonder I'm always broke!" But... when it comes down to it, I am willing to give up other things so that my children can participate in activities, how many times do we hear "they are on little once" so they may not remember always having every single thing they wanted (like Brent wanting a North Face jacket for Christmas) but they will remember they played, baseball, basketball, dance, etc. and met many new friends and learned valuable lessons and enjoyed being a kid.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Brent & Bailey playing basketball

I haven't remembered my camera for any basketball games so far, so I finially remembered to throw it in the car Saturday morning! Bailey is so aggressive and loves playing and trying to steal the ball away from everyone, Brent ofcourse is the sweet, shy one who doesn't want to be rough with anyone. He loves baseball with no contact! Brent has improved and gotten more into it as the season continued though, they are still learning how the game is played!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Today's Relfection!

On the way home from church today I asked Brie what she learned at Children's church. So told me that she learned about how sick kids die and go to heaven, although I am sure that may have been talked about at some point I highly doubt that her lesson was that sad today. She said that kids sometimes get sick and they have to fly up to heaven to be with Dr. Zach and Miss Megan's daddy.
When Brie says things like this it makes me try to remember if I remember having to deal with death that early, when I was only 4. I think the first person I really remember dying that I knew was when I was in the 2nd grade and my Paw died of Leukemia. It was so bad for me and my entire family, there are 9 of us grandkids and we were all very close to him. My grandmother kept me everyday so when my Paw wasn't at the firehouse, I was riding on his John Deere with him cutting wheat or planting beans. Life was great.
It makes me sad to know that Brie has had to struggle to understand what death means so early. She loved Dr. Zach and ask every time she has to go to the dr. why he can't come back. She made Miss Megan a rocket for valentines day and told me it was so she could fly up into the sky to see her daddy. It makes me even sadder to know that Mia is Brie's age and has to deal with losing her father.
Brie is the sweetest thing, she has a big heart. Jason is working all week and every weekend since January at the VA hospital. Last night on the way to the boat show we were talking about his work and he said that the VA hospital has been his favorite hospital to work at because there are not any children there. He has had to work at St. Jude and Lebouner alot has said it just makes him sick to work there and see the sick children. God has truly blessed us with 3 healthy and happy children. God has blessed us in so many ways. He has blessed me with a loving husband, 3 great kids, and I can't say enough about my mom and dad and the rest of my family.. I love you all!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Drake's first hog kill

My nephew Drake killed his first hog today while in Texas hunting with my brother Shane. I know both Drake and Shane are excited!! Shane is going to get its head mounted, I'm sure that Felecia is preparing the perfect spot for it right now in their living room!
Man this thing is ugly!
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Typical night, it's amazing how much fun a blanket can be. Bailey is trying to work on his box to take to school for his valentines.
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Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Papa!!

Papa and Granny at Thanksgiving 2008

Papa turned 81 today and we celebrated with cake and ice cream tonight. My kids are truly blessed to have their great-grandfather living next door. Papa is still very active and enjoys spending time with his boys. Just this weekend they spent Friday afternoon chasing around a pregnant cow through the pasture trying to get her up, Saturday morning helping the cow deliver her baby, and Sunday afternoon putting a fence up around the cow due to difficulties with the delivery and the cow is sick. The boys are able to ride across the pasture to papa and Granny's any time to see them or to help load hay or whatever Papa needs. They also ride across just to get some goodies from Granny! They think it is the greastest thing ever and I am glad that they love to help their Papa with whatever he needs whether it be fixing a broken fence in the pasture, feed cows, feed horses, or catch cows they love it.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

more pics from show

Sweet & Sassy was there doing updo's and glitter tatto's

thanks to Jessica for remembering her camera and taking pictures of the girls, I was in such a hurry trying to get Kinley and Brie ready I ran out the door without mine! Poor Kinley and I missed getting to go back stage and meet Brittany and have Kinley's picture taken because she was still having her hair done! Macauley, Brie, and Kinley had a great time! I'm kinda loving this girly stuff!!
I'll have to make sure my next post includes my boys!! Kendra always jokes this is the "Brie blog", I try to get as much as I can of theirs, they just don't do that much cute stuff!! And they don't enjoy having their picture made as much as Brie does!

Brie & Kinley rocked it!

Brittany Russell, who is an 11 year old girl from Memphis that has won Radio Disney Hannah Montana singing contest and others, put on a show in Brighton last night. Kristy, Jessica, and I took Brie, Raygen, Kinley, Macauley and my niece Jessica. Brie, Kinley, and Macauley had so much fun. They were so excited and loved singing and dancing. I wish I would have had my video camera to capture it on video, it was so cute! The girls weren't shy about making their way right up to the front of the stage, they made sure they were in on the action. It was a great show, and I am looking foward to working on having Brittany back to Tipton County for a Junior Auxiliary fundraiser soon!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Madison's Birthday!

Madison & I my senior year at softball senior night
My birthday my senior year!

Madison is counting down the days until these braces come off!

Kinley & Brie led us in Happy Birthday singing!

What a beautiful cake Felecia has made once again, she has became quite the baker!

My niece Madison turned 14 yesterday January 31st! Boy, am I getting old. I can remember sitting in the Methodist North waiting room doing my homework waiting on her to be born. Even though I was only a sophomore in high school, she was the greatest thing ever. I still cherish a picture of the two of us my senior year during my senior night for softball. Madison was only around 2, but she loved coming to my ballgames and cheering. Jason and I even bought her a charger cheerleader outfit and took her to many football games with us. I still have the cheerleader outfit, and my mom even saved it and now Brie has worn it many times. (Of course, this year she hasn't been able to wear it out of the house! My mom did find an old one that is Brighton colors!) I remember one day her parents were painting and Jason and I were watching her at my parent's and she had what we at the time thought was the worst poopy diaper in the world, we thought we were going to pass out before we go her cleaned up! (we had no idea what we would be getting ourselves into years later)

Brie reminds me of Madison at that age so much. They resemble each other a lot!

Brie's first sleepover

Kinley, Brie, & Riley playing at the ballgame!
Shh... we're making Ms. Megan a birthday card!

Brie has had friends over for a few hours to play, but we hadn't attempted having any of her friends other than cousins over to spend the night with her. Kinley and Brie met in Ms. Megan's class this year at preschool and have became best friends quickly. They have even made up a
handshake, it is so cute, I am going to have to video it and post it. The girls get along great, and we even live within a couple of miles of each other right here in Burlison!
Girls are so funny. I told Kinley's mom Kristy that it has been a new thing for us to have two little girls here squeeling, laughing and being silly. Boys are rowdy, but not as high pitched!! The girls had a big time playing, dressing up, and taking a bath. It didn't take long for them to go to sleep around 10. I'm guessing this will be the first of many sleepovers to come.