Sunday, March 29, 2009

Charity Ball 2009

Man of the year Jimmy Naifeh, Woman of the Year Peggy Barber, JA life member of the year Kathryn Roe, and me!
Outgoing members of 2009
We will miss you as an active member Cindy, Cyndi, Heather, Kacee, Kendra, and Kim!

2008- 2009 Board Members

2008-2009 Provisional Class

We had a great time last night at Charity Ball! We had a great turnout!

Swimming Lessons

Since I have been asked by several people I am going to try and do swimming lessons a couple of weeks in June, I may even try to do some afternoon classes for some of you who can't do it in the mornings due to work just will have to see how many are interested in afternoon classes and how we can fit that into our ball schedules.
Lessons will be done at my parents house off of Pisgah Rd. (that is a road that runs between Holly Grove Rd. and Hwy 59 W)
I have previously been Red Cross Certified as a Water Safety Instructor and taught swimming lessons and lifeguarded for many years at the base in Millington. The only thing that I can't give you like the lesson's at the city pool would be a red cross certificate that says they completed level so and so, and that is b/c I let my certifications lapse b/c I never thought that I would be teaching and be able to do this in the summer. It will still be the same lessons just no sheet of paper!
I will be dividing classes up into different levels based on their ages and swimming abilities. If you have an infant who just needs to get used to the water and learn the basics or an older child who needs to learn the proper way to do the strokes I will split them up the best I can and classes will be kept small.
Please email me or call me at 476-7188 or 461-4113 if you would like to sign up or have questions!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Carefree and playing in the rain

What a feeling it was to be young and have no worries! I love to watch the kids play and no that their innocence allows them to have to worry about nothing!

This afternoon after enjoying a very windy afternoon practicing ball outside it began to rain and Brie wanted to play in it. I allowed her, even though she has on a good outfit, oh well it's just rain!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A beautiful Sunday

Bailey & Nana


He's just so cute, I had to post this one too!

Bailey is always making us laugh!

It was a great Sunday! Although the time change today still has me wide awake at 11:30! The boys got to go spend some time riding the horses today since it was so nice. They are looking forward to not spending their spring/summer/fall playing traveling ball and being able to enter the horse shows. It was hard for me and Jason being so into ball and so competitive to hear them say that they didn't want to spend all weekend at the ballfield, but it's okay they are still going to play in a couple of tournaments and play in Covington during the week. Competitive baseball takes a lot of time away from other activities that they love to do and you know they are only little once. They love baseball and I think they will be just fine even if they don't play competitive. But.. they also love to ride horses, dirtbikes, four wheelers, and every thing else, so now we will have more time to enjoy those things. They can't wait for us to go away and spend a weekend camping together, quite frankly I can't either.
Today was such a pretty day, although tonight we got some terrible news about Alicia Huffman. It is so scary how so many people I know lately have died, especially the ones with young children. Alicia's family will be in our prayers.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A fun day

We went went Bookworm Buddies this morning for Dr. Seuss's birthday party. We then went and ate "chips & dip" then went to visit Grandmother. The girls had to play on the tractor while we were there as Uncle David was messing with them. We had a great warm day!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Brittany Russell Concert to benefit JA

Junior Auxiliary is proud to present Brittany Russell
Fundraiser to benefit the children of Tipton County
April 11, 2008
The Ritz Theatre
Court Square, Covington, TN
Doors open at 5 for updo's and glitter
Show starts at 6 and ends at 8
$5 admission, tickets purchased at the door

Brittany Russell is the 11-year-old powerhouse performer from Memphis, Tennessee who fronts her very own band with authority. Winner of Radio Disney’s Hannah Montana Singing Contest, Winner of Macy’s Hannah Montana Singing Contest, Winner of State of Tennessee Reflection Songwriting Competition, Brittany is either on stage or on her way to a performance.Brittany is a professional trained vocalist who loves to perform not only in front of her band but in musical theater, choir and ensemble choir as well as in the studio. Brittany has recorded commercials for Radio Disney and along with her band, Brittany Russell & The Trunk Monkeys, have performed on live TV and various stages thru out Memphis and the mid south region. Brittany is a published songwriter and has recorded radio 'Jingles' for national corporations. Brittany has recorded her first CD at Ardent Studios in Memphis, Tennessee and at Jaxx Traxx in Olive Branch, Mississippi.Brittany Russell & the Trunk Monkeys are a Memphis band that performs Radio Disney style songs specifically Hannah Montana, Hillary Duff, HSM as well as their own Originals and have developed a great Friend and Fan base. Singing on stage since she was 8, Brittany is an experienced performer in the Mid South area playing to large crowds ranging from clubs to festivals, private parties to statewide events. Brittany has recorded her first mini-cd titled "Nobody's A Nobody" and she invites you into her pop rock world. For those of you who have yet to see this amazing performer or hear her remarkable voice, here is your opportunity to enjoy what crowds in Memphis have been seeing for quite some time. Produced by Memphis legend Jack Holder, the music is incredible and you will find yourself agreeing with everyone in the city of the blues that this is indeed the “Little Girl with the Great Big Voice”.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snow day talk

I'm in my bedroom doing homework.. kids are in the living room watching tv and playing.
Brie: (while looking at a picture book from when she was born and when she was in the hospital at 3 weeks with RSV) "Brent, momma said this gave me medicine in my arm" "Brent, look.. momma said this helps me breathe" "BRENT LOOK!! I wanted someone to hold me."
Bailey: (playing with his trucks) "Brent, did you know that when I grow up I'm going to be a monster truck driver?" hey atleast today it is that and not the bull rider it normally is!
Kids say the funniest things!