Sunday, March 8, 2009

A beautiful Sunday

Bailey & Nana


He's just so cute, I had to post this one too!

Bailey is always making us laugh!

It was a great Sunday! Although the time change today still has me wide awake at 11:30! The boys got to go spend some time riding the horses today since it was so nice. They are looking forward to not spending their spring/summer/fall playing traveling ball and being able to enter the horse shows. It was hard for me and Jason being so into ball and so competitive to hear them say that they didn't want to spend all weekend at the ballfield, but it's okay they are still going to play in a couple of tournaments and play in Covington during the week. Competitive baseball takes a lot of time away from other activities that they love to do and you know they are only little once. They love baseball and I think they will be just fine even if they don't play competitive. But.. they also love to ride horses, dirtbikes, four wheelers, and every thing else, so now we will have more time to enjoy those things. They can't wait for us to go away and spend a weekend camping together, quite frankly I can't either.
Today was such a pretty day, although tonight we got some terrible news about Alicia Huffman. It is so scary how so many people I know lately have died, especially the ones with young children. Alicia's family will be in our prayers.


LB said...

Good for you! You don't want them to get burned out and jaded so young. I love the pics. It looks like they had fun.

Kendra said...

Here, here. I would be willing to bet the great baseball players didn't grow up a slave to the field. It's the love of the game that drives. I'm proud for you and your family...what a fun summer to look forward to! And yes, your Brent is just too cute!