Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Brighton game!

Well here we go.. you know by now we have put our purple & gold away, but still in our hearts, and supporting BHS. Brie is funny about who she likes, but she LOVES Cori & Danny. Danny got to play quarterback alot Friday night even though he is only a sophmore. Boys loved watching him play, not to mention they spend the entire day Saturday with Cori & Danny while we were canoeing!

Projects for school!

Bailey had his first project for school due Monday. So... Sunday afternoon after Bailey's birthday party the entire Howard family here pitched in on painting the solar system. I should have taken a picture of the finished project, we did a great job!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I was told I needed to blog for the week, so here it is! I am STRESSED!!!! I am trying to get my class organized, learn how to do a lesson plan (it seems my classes never stay on track with what I had planned for the current week b/c there is always something going on.) I start class Monday night at UTM in Ripley from 715 to 950, Now why in the world could they not do it from like 4-6 since most teachers are done by 3??? I like to be in bed by 9!! Guess that won't happen on MOnday nights, but I am going to have to deal with it for 3 months. I can do this... I'm just starting to get a little stressed about teaching school, going back to school, and trying to keep up with my family.

Brie is loving nursery school and loves Ms. Megan. Here is a picture of Diesel trying to get her up for school! She does not like getting up at 6!

Brent's Birthday July 2008

I had to show you Brent's birthday cake, he was so proud.

Also, Brie and her friend Macauley & cousin ISA

Thursday, August 14, 2008

One more thing

I am so excited! Football season is about to start, I love watching football, but most importantly I love to watch my Brent & Bailey get so excited about going to the high school games. I honestly though I was going to struggle trading in my purple & gold for red & black.... but it hasn't been that hard! I am glad that I got a senior homeroom, because I realize how much it means to these boys to have our support. They get excited when they know that their teachers are going to be at the game.
So, my boys may be wearing all of their purple and gold to the Covington games they go to with their Nana... but they are excited to get to wear their Cardinal gear!


Tonight was meet the cardianal night at school. Afterwards I talked to all "my" senior football players that are in my homeroom. It's so funny how it seems like soooo long ago that I was a senior making my own memories. I even pulled my memory book off the shelf tonight to take a quick look at my senior year. Man, we had some great times. I am glad that I had the wonderful friends that I had to make those great memories with. Memories can bring a smile to your face so quickly.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Summer is flying!

Wow.. I can't believe that it is already the 3rd of August. We started inservice on Friday and kids go Tuesday to their new school. They are very excited, we took advantage of tax free weekend and boys both got new shoes, and they were so easy..... all the both wanted were Nike t-shirts from Hibbets! Boys are easy shoppers! They have plenty of shorts from summer, so we are done! Ofcourse once it gets cold they'll need a few long sleeve shirts.
Brent got home from camp, and he had a blast! He met some new friends, mainly talks about Noah, which he is so exited will be in his class at his new school. Ofcourse he, Wes, and Benton were all in the same cabin and they all had so much fun with the new kids they met. I remember how much fun it was to be young and go to camp. Boy life was good & carefree then.
My last day at the bank was really sad. I love the girls I work with and had the greatest boss ever who I truly loved and will miss dearly. She means alot to me. I will be keeping in touch with them alot. Stephanie that I worked with is going to be a new provisional in Junior Auxiliary so I will see her alot.
Brent went off this weekend to pickwick with Colton, but today we went to my brothers and the kids had a very good time. Shane had made a slip n slide that ran down into the lake. We had a great time.
Well I have to get to bed, I must be up much earlier for my new job!!