Sunday, July 26, 2009

We love a lazy Sunday

AnOthER Happy Birthday Celebration for Brent

Since most grandparents won't come and sit outside for hours at the pool birthday parties we normally have a small family dinner with cake and ice cream for the kids on their actually birthdays. This year we had to do it a couple of days late due to the boys being away at camp on actual birthday for Brent.
So, tonight we celebrated Brent's big 10th birthday with hamburgers, hotdogs, and ice cream cake... oh.. and granny's special red velvet cake! YUM!
My kids are blessed not only to have their grandparents to celebrate with, but they also have their great-grandparents too!
Happy Birthday Brent!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bathroom Project

This is my last project of the summer since we only have one more week:( Where has the summer gone?

Brent & Bailey are at camp, so it has been very quite around here. I decided since I have bunko Thursday night that would give me something to make me hurry up and paint the bathroom that I have had the paint for since I painted the living room back in the middle of June!
Jason thinks the color is hideous, however I love it. (mom... I know you are reading this and agree with Jason)
I have several other projects I hoped to get done like clean out closets, clean out the attic, paint baseboards, and clean out cabinets in kitchen.... but I guess those will have to wait. I think that I will enjoy my last week off next week after Brent hopefully gets his cast off MOnday laying by the pool enjoying a good tan for one more week. Hoped to do some of that peacefully with a book this week since I only have one child... but this weather has not allowed any pool time! I'll hope for warmer weather for next week!

Covington Angels State Tournament

Jess is a great catcher, I hope she continues to play!
Love the socks!

Brie and Memaw

Bailey, Brie, and I spent the weekend at Jessica's state softball tournament. How great it was for these girls to make it to state! Boy did watching these girls play ball and enjoy the friendships they have made make me miss playing softball so much. Softball was such a huge part of my life growing up and especially in high school that I love to watch my kids and niece play just to relive parts of the memories and know that they will one day feel the same way about the team sports we lived for in our "younger days!" I would love to be out there playing again! I'm not quite sure I could run the bases now without falling out on the ground though...!!!
Jason and Brent missed a great time. Brent stayed home to go to a friend's birthday party Friday night and Jason went to Little Sturgis riding motorcycles.

They sure missed a fun weekend. We drove up Friday afternoon and camped out with memaw & honey. Saturday night we rented a cabin in the campground and the kids thought it was great. While there we got to spend time fishing and even got to do some skiing and tubing with Aunt Diane, Larry, Chris & Caroline, and Ashley and her new boyfriend. We had a great time!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brent & Bailey Big Birthday Bash

I loved the look they shared while their friends sang Happy Birthday to both of them!

As you see.. the broke arm didn't slow him down at all

The pool is just beautiful!

This year we did a little something different. The boys wanted to have their birthday parties at the Thorton swimming pool so we had their birthdays together since they are only 13 months apart. Brent's birthday is July 21 and Bailey's is August 29, so we normally have their birthdays within a couple of weeks of each other. It was actually quite nice to do them together! We will celebrate here with family on their birthday!

Afternoon Cookies

Thanks to Emily Peyton Cook and her blog yesterday I was inspired after a long day at the Ripley Waterpark today to come home and make some sweets with the kids. We made the receipe Emily posted yesterday and ofcourse some sugar cookies that Brie could decorate with sprinkles! They sure were yummy....

Friday, July 10, 2009

Orange Beach 2009

We went to Orange Beach this year for vacation with some good friends of ours Heath and Amy Lenagar. WE had a great time! Brie & Riley were able to entertain each other and Jack Bailey, Brent, and Bailey were easily entertained. WE all got great laughs of the boys trying to ride their skim boards. Life at the beach is good, and coming back to the real world today was certainly a let down.... but I am glad to get home.
Update on the boys, we were able to find a waterproof cast cover Monday morning so Brent didn't miss out on anything! Bailey's face is healing well in most places, and we made an appointment with the plastic surgeon's office this am so we will go see him on August 5th. Hopefully they can make it look like it never happened.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Brent's broke arm

Brent ready to go and cheer on his team since he can't play!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Bad, bad day

Yesterday was not to great of a day. It all started Wednesday night. I was in the foyer finishing my painting of the walls and the boys were having a great time chasing Maisy around the house. She was barking and carrying on and they thought it was so funny. Brent & Bailey somehow tripped over each other and I heard the most terrible scream, I jumped down and looked and got him calmed down. Jaosn was at work so I we went down the road to Nana and Big Daddy's were we looked at it and he seemed to be able to move his hand and everything so I decided we would just wait until morning to see how he felt. WEll.. Thursday morning it was nice and swollen and he couldn't do anything with lifting or gripping. An xray at 12 at Baptist Tipton and the doctors office finially called at 3 and let us know it was broke. So then a trip to Campbell's Clinic for a camoflauge cast up past his elbow.

We came home it was around 8pm. Jason goes across the street with the boys last night to tint his windows. All the kids are sitting in the living room playing and Bailey reaches down to pet their dog and it bit him. So off to the ER we went. It is not pretty but it could be worse. It was an accident and please pray for a good heal so that plastic surgery will not be needed.