Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brent & Bailey Big Birthday Bash

I loved the look they shared while their friends sang Happy Birthday to both of them!

As you see.. the broke arm didn't slow him down at all

The pool is just beautiful!

This year we did a little something different. The boys wanted to have their birthday parties at the Thorton swimming pool so we had their birthdays together since they are only 13 months apart. Brent's birthday is July 21 and Bailey's is August 29, so we normally have their birthdays within a couple of weeks of each other. It was actually quite nice to do them together! We will celebrate here with family on their birthday!


Susan Sampson said...
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Susan Sampson said...

That is an awesome family picture! I love it! We had a great time at the party!

MamaMia said...

Where is this pool?? It is beautiful! Looks like they all had fun.

Flores Hayes said...

Happy birthday!

my panda fanatic roommate got a cute Morn Creations bag as birthday gift!
she is just THRILLED with it.