Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bathroom Project

This is my last project of the summer since we only have one more week:( Where has the summer gone?

Brent & Bailey are at camp, so it has been very quite around here. I decided since I have bunko Thursday night that would give me something to make me hurry up and paint the bathroom that I have had the paint for since I painted the living room back in the middle of June!
Jason thinks the color is hideous, however I love it. (mom... I know you are reading this and agree with Jason)
I have several other projects I hoped to get done like clean out closets, clean out the attic, paint baseboards, and clean out cabinets in kitchen.... but I guess those will have to wait. I think that I will enjoy my last week off next week after Brent hopefully gets his cast off MOnday laying by the pool enjoying a good tan for one more week. Hoped to do some of that peacefully with a book this week since I only have one child... but this weather has not allowed any pool time! I'll hope for warmer weather for next week!


Amy said...

I like it! You can do a lot with that color! Dress it up, or make it a little modern.

MamaMia said...

I like that color, too! Oh, I want to paint now. I've been needing to paint my kitchen but my kids have been stuck to my legs all summer. Maybe fall break?

Kendra said...

For the record, I like the color!