Thursday, January 19, 2012

Seeing an old friend

We went to UT Martin for a horse judging clinic. We were on the lookout for our old friend Jake. Jake was the first horse that my boys showed on when they were little, like 1! We found him quick, as he's not hard to notice because he is a huge quarter horse. We got to see him in action there, and the kids were very excited. Big Daddy and Nana donated him a couple years back to the UT Martin Equestrian center so that college students there would have a good horse to show and ride. It is a great program, right now Brent says he is going there to play sports and ride horses! Ha
They get to visit him often when Nana and Big Daddy go to horse shows there.

Monday, January 16, 2012

vow to do better....

Life got a little crazy, and I have seriously slacked on my blogging. I have to get the past years printed, try to atleast post some pictures from last year to try and remember and start this year off with a bang... which I am already slacking on.
I know it is soooo important to blog for my families memories. I laid in bed last night thinking how sad it is that our memories grow and we can't remember every little detail. Plus the fact that I am getting old and can't remember anything, at 32?? My boys are 11 and 12 and yes I remember them being little, but alot of things are such a blur! Busy, crazy, and kids who were 13 months apart kept us crazy!
So anyway, here we go. This year is going to be blogged!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My last weekend with my daddy

Ive wondered alot since my daddy died if god was preparing me for what was to come and giving me a little extra time that last weekend. My dad came to lots of all 3 of my kids activities and sports, many weekends were spent watching his grandkids play baseball. We were playing our last tournament of the year in October in West Memphis,and on that Saturday my dad rode his brand new blue Harley Davison down to watch the games. I was late for the first game because Brie had soccer. The first game was wrapping up as I walked up. I talked to my dad a few minutes and he left to go get some lunch across the street at dairy queen, said they had some good hamburgers. We watched another game finishing up, went to get some taco bell, and sat by the lake and ate with jenifer and Jamie while the kids played. We walked back up to the fields to watch the game before ours and I took my dads chair and mine and propped my feet up as I read my book while the kids played. I wondered where in the world daddy was, after all Dairy Queen was just across the street. Right before te game started he pulled in and had rode all the way to Forrest City just to ride he said! We sat together during the game talking about the game, bc we have to concentrate on the game while I keep the scorebook! The next day, Sunday, it was raining so he didn't come down for the first game. He drove the truck down for the championship game though and sat right beside mme, but he and Brian chatted the whole game. He told me mom had supper fixed and after game we drove home and all ate dinner. It was a good weekend. Tuesday Bailey wasn't feeling well, so I called mom and knowing she was helping Aunt Diane set up for Merry Market and I asked if dad could take Bailey to the dr., he text me about where to pick up medicine, i talked to him. Then took bailey down to granny so he could head up to the lake, which he loved. Little did we know he decide to take a nap in his recliner as usual, and would never wake up. I'll never forget that last weekend with him, and I hope my kids know how much he loved then and remember him spending his last weekend watching them do what they love.
My daddy and I were close, I still asked his advice, even if I didn't listen to it!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Slumber party

We usually let the kids stay up late and watch tv on the weekends and sleep in the den. They were watching a movie, while I was in my room watching what I wanted to watch. I got up to check on them and found them like this! And NO THOSE AREN'T REAL GUNS!! Brie had just gotten a BB Gun and the boys got air soft one's so they'd been checking them out!

Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting wears them out! Well.... getting up at 3 does anyway!

Jason and the boy's have been doing alot of duck hunting in Arkansas this year. They even let Brie tag along one day. She had fun because Mary Selle was there, but the boys said she couldn't go back because she talks to much!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday!

Can't believe my baby is 7! We had pancakes at breakfast, and our usual Mexican birthday dinner!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Eve at the Children's Museum

New Years eve celebration at the Children's Museum was lots of fun, Brie and Kinley loved it and what a great way to celebrate Kinley's birthday with a party then fun jumping with friends for Kinley's birthday!