Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Off to the races!

I can't forget to add Jason & his race on experience on here. I bought him this like 2 years ago and between his working overtime and boys playing ball, he finally got to use it last weekend. He LOVED it! He is already asking about doing it again. He likes Nascar so he said that driving the car was amazing.

Boys are too funny. Sunday after church we always eat at my mom's. While we were inside my boy's and my nephew Drake decided to make a new bike with a few old bikes that we behind the shed. I can't believe they took them apart and actually made a new one!

As you see it is not bothering Brieanna too much that she is getting to be a baby! She loves for us to push her around in her stroller since she is not supposed to be walking. Ofcourse this week at school she has still been playing, she is supposed to be taking it easy but how do you tell that to a 3 year old?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Grandmother will die if someone tells her I put her picture on my blog, not that she would know what a blog was.. but just the pure fact that I put this picture of her on here. This is her and her brother Holy Goforth at Pin Oak Lake for my grandmothers birthday. We had so much fun!
We went to see Dr. Dolittle tonight, it was cute. Brent really enjoyed it, his friend Noah's dad was Dr. Dolittle.
I finished painting my kitchen today, thank goodness! First me, Brent, Brie and my nephew Drake went to Munford Celebrate to look around. While watching Tennessee play a horrible game, I decided to finish up my kitchen while I had the time. Ofcourse we have had to baby Brie all weekend, trying to help her get well. Still no impovement in her walking yet, but then again she has only been on the medicine for 1 day. I'll keep you posted on her.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


update.... brie started limping this week and draggin her leg....... with it sort of turned inward, it has really worried me. Wednesday when we got allergy shots, I had the nurse look at it, and they just wanted me to watch her, so it continued to get worse so this morning I took her to Zach again.
took brie to have xray and blood work this am, they think she has something called transient synovitis. it's a pediatric limp that is caused buy swelling and infection of the hip. apparently its rare, and normally affects boys 4 to 1 over girls. Leave it to my children to get the rare stuff. Just like that childhood rash called molluscum that we have been fighting for the last year!
Xray and blood work came back okay, which is great b/c that means that there is no pus around her hip yet. They are putting her on antiobotics and it should fix it and she should be able to walk right again soon.
She is supposed to limit weight on leg, and be on bed rest. so... we'll see. ofcourse keeping her off her feet may be a hard job, but she had no problem telling me this morning that Dr. Zach said I needed to carry her around.


It is 1025 and I am barely staying awake here, I have been looking up stuff on the internet about Brie's mysterious limp. She suddenly started limping and turning her leg inward this week. She says she fell off her bike and hurt it, but it seems to be getting worse and not better. There is no swelling or bruising, just her walking very strange. I let the nurse look at it when we got allergy shots weds. and they told me to give it a few days, well I left them a message tonight that I think it is worse. I'll be praying that it is nothing, just me being an over parinoid mom, i just worry ALOT when it comes to my babies.
This week has been rough, if you were to see my room you'd think I was horrible, clothes cover the chair that need to be hung, stacks folded all around my room, and a hamper full of what needs to be folded. However, the rest of my house is clean, except for my half painted kitchen, I have yet to find the time to sand where the wallpaper was. The half that is painted looks great!
Lets see, Monday I had school, me going to school untill 10 in Ripley. Tuesday the boys played a double header for baseball, Wednesday afternoon Brie played outside while I watched her and studied my lesson for the next week or so for teaching accounting. Today I worked at school untill after 4 grading papers, ran home and took the boys to bale hay with big daddy, dropped Brie by granny's, ran by the house and cleaned up the kitchen a little, left at 510 to get to wal-mart to print some pictures for brent's project due tommorow, hurried to meet Loren (Miss Tipton County spoke to JA) at 545 at the church, then got out of Junior Auxiliary meeting around 8 after meeting with a few groups. Then I had to go back to Wal-Mart to pick up the pictures I ordered earlier, run home and Brent & I made his project board. Whew....
Now, tomorrow is Friday, thank goodness! But it is sure to be crazy.. last day of Homecoming with a big Pep Rally tommorow afternoon, then I got the lucky draw of working gate at the game so that means I'll be at the gate collecting money from 5-9, no fun for me. Maybe I'll get some rest this weekend, but then there's Munford Celebrate going on, and oh yeah.... there is a kitchen that needs to be sanded and painted, and all that laundry that never ends at the Howard household. I wonder if everyone else's laundry never ends as well? I really hate doing laundry.....

Thursday, September 11, 2008

We will always remember today, I remember being at work at Edward Jones Investments in Bartlett and just glued to the TV. I couldn't believe what was happening.
Today Brie's preschool had a 9/11 parade, it was so cute. I am glad that they are teaching these children at an early age the importance of Patriot's Day.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Boys will be boys... these two crazy boys are going to fall one day, they think it is cool for them to stand on top of the monkey bars on their swingset.

First, here is a picture of our goofy dog Diesel, he has learned how to climb up the ladder on the swingset and goes and slides down the slide! He is too funny, and the kids love it.

Second picture is our new (to us) family game, ping pong. On the way to a birthday party saturday afternoon, I saw this at someones house for sale for $25.00, so I called Jason and told him to go and get it. We have already got our $25 worth! Jason loves it as much as the boys, we have had fun with it!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekends over already?

ugh.. can't believe its 945 on sunday night already. Lets see.. where did the time go? Friday me and the kids went to the ballgame, they ran around and played while me and my good friend Heather watched the game and talked. Saturday morning, Michelle, Nick's girlfriend, went to the Germantown Festival (it was great) and the the kids had a birthday party that afternoon, then Macauley came down and played with Brie for awhile. We missed our Saturday night playing rock band with friends, but our lead Singer Jamie needs time to let his voice heal after coaching football in the rain all last week!! ha
Sunday was church, then lunch at moms, then I got the bright idea to go ahead and get started painting my kitchen. I got all done except the two walls I was working on getting the wallpaper off, but mom and Jason got the rest off, so I guess I'll finish that one afternoon this week or this weekend. The weekend goes to fast.
So tommorow is back to school then i have class tommorow night at 715-950... ugh, after JA board at 6, ... .. and to make it worse the boys have a ballgame at 730 that I will have to miss while i'm at class.

Friday, September 5, 2008

They grow so fast......

I can't believe my first born has turned 9.. it makes me so sad to look at this. Children just grow too quickly, you blink your eyes and they have all grown up. It seems like yesterday we had Brent, though its hard for me tor remember alot of time just having one child since Bailey was only 13 months behind. Brent is a special child, each of my children all have special qualities. Brent loves school, loves to read, and is very tender hearted (he didn't get that from either of us). Most of all he loves his momma, just this morning I tried to hug Bailey before they got on the bus (they catch a bus from the high school to the elem. ) and he ran and said "NO!" Brent walks over hugs and kisses me and goes to get on the bus, he has such a sweet loving heart.

Labor Day 2008

We had a great weekend. The whole Kinney clan spent the weekend at Pin Oak Lake. We had a blast. It was my grandmothers birthday so we all spent the weekend at the lake like old times. When my Paw was alive we spent lots of time at Pickwick with the entire family. My boys had a blast. We sold our boat last year b/c we are so busy with baseball, and my boys have missed it. Jason has got boat fever again, so we'll see......