Thursday, September 18, 2008


update.... brie started limping this week and draggin her leg....... with it sort of turned inward, it has really worried me. Wednesday when we got allergy shots, I had the nurse look at it, and they just wanted me to watch her, so it continued to get worse so this morning I took her to Zach again.
took brie to have xray and blood work this am, they think she has something called transient synovitis. it's a pediatric limp that is caused buy swelling and infection of the hip. apparently its rare, and normally affects boys 4 to 1 over girls. Leave it to my children to get the rare stuff. Just like that childhood rash called molluscum that we have been fighting for the last year!
Xray and blood work came back okay, which is great b/c that means that there is no pus around her hip yet. They are putting her on antiobotics and it should fix it and she should be able to walk right again soon.
She is supposed to limit weight on leg, and be on bed rest. so... we'll see. ofcourse keeping her off her feet may be a hard job, but she had no problem telling me this morning that Dr. Zach said I needed to carry her around.


kate said...

Glad she is going to be ok. We always worry about our babies and probably think the worse! We have molluscum, too! OMG! I did not know anyone else who was battleing it. It's been a bear!

Amy said...

Bless her heart! I will keep her in my prayers...and mommy too!