Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekends over already?

ugh.. can't believe its 945 on sunday night already. Lets see.. where did the time go? Friday me and the kids went to the ballgame, they ran around and played while me and my good friend Heather watched the game and talked. Saturday morning, Michelle, Nick's girlfriend, went to the Germantown Festival (it was great) and the the kids had a birthday party that afternoon, then Macauley came down and played with Brie for awhile. We missed our Saturday night playing rock band with friends, but our lead Singer Jamie needs time to let his voice heal after coaching football in the rain all last week!! ha
Sunday was church, then lunch at moms, then I got the bright idea to go ahead and get started painting my kitchen. I got all done except the two walls I was working on getting the wallpaper off, but mom and Jason got the rest off, so I guess I'll finish that one afternoon this week or this weekend. The weekend goes to fast.
So tommorow is back to school then i have class tommorow night at 715-950... ugh, after JA board at 6, ... .. and to make it worse the boys have a ballgame at 730 that I will have to miss while i'm at class.

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