Friday, September 5, 2008

They grow so fast......

I can't believe my first born has turned 9.. it makes me so sad to look at this. Children just grow too quickly, you blink your eyes and they have all grown up. It seems like yesterday we had Brent, though its hard for me tor remember alot of time just having one child since Bailey was only 13 months behind. Brent is a special child, each of my children all have special qualities. Brent loves school, loves to read, and is very tender hearted (he didn't get that from either of us). Most of all he loves his momma, just this morning I tried to hug Bailey before they got on the bus (they catch a bus from the high school to the elem. ) and he ran and said "NO!" Brent walks over hugs and kisses me and goes to get on the bus, he has such a sweet loving heart.

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