Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Grandmother will die if someone tells her I put her picture on my blog, not that she would know what a blog was.. but just the pure fact that I put this picture of her on here. This is her and her brother Holy Goforth at Pin Oak Lake for my grandmothers birthday. We had so much fun!
We went to see Dr. Dolittle tonight, it was cute. Brent really enjoyed it, his friend Noah's dad was Dr. Dolittle.
I finished painting my kitchen today, thank goodness! First me, Brent, Brie and my nephew Drake went to Munford Celebrate to look around. While watching Tennessee play a horrible game, I decided to finish up my kitchen while I had the time. Ofcourse we have had to baby Brie all weekend, trying to help her get well. Still no impovement in her walking yet, but then again she has only been on the medicine for 1 day. I'll keep you posted on her.

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