Friday, July 10, 2009

Orange Beach 2009

We went to Orange Beach this year for vacation with some good friends of ours Heath and Amy Lenagar. WE had a great time! Brie & Riley were able to entertain each other and Jack Bailey, Brent, and Bailey were easily entertained. WE all got great laughs of the boys trying to ride their skim boards. Life at the beach is good, and coming back to the real world today was certainly a let down.... but I am glad to get home.
Update on the boys, we were able to find a waterproof cast cover Monday morning so Brent didn't miss out on anything! Bailey's face is healing well in most places, and we made an appointment with the plastic surgeon's office this am so we will go see him on August 5th. Hopefully they can make it look like it never happened.


Christi said...

Great pics! Where did ya'll stay?

Kendra said...

Super cute pics...I love the one of the kids. Do boys come out of the womb knowing how to do the hand-on-one-knee pose?! I love it!