Thursday, August 21, 2008


I was told I needed to blog for the week, so here it is! I am STRESSED!!!! I am trying to get my class organized, learn how to do a lesson plan (it seems my classes never stay on track with what I had planned for the current week b/c there is always something going on.) I start class Monday night at UTM in Ripley from 715 to 950, Now why in the world could they not do it from like 4-6 since most teachers are done by 3??? I like to be in bed by 9!! Guess that won't happen on MOnday nights, but I am going to have to deal with it for 3 months. I can do this... I'm just starting to get a little stressed about teaching school, going back to school, and trying to keep up with my family.

Brie is loving nursery school and loves Ms. Megan. Here is a picture of Diesel trying to get her up for school! She does not like getting up at 6!

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Christi said...

What's that old saying --nothing worth having comes easily? That's what I keep telling myself, anyway! Welcome to the wild world of kids, work, and school!