Sunday, March 29, 2009

Swimming Lessons

Since I have been asked by several people I am going to try and do swimming lessons a couple of weeks in June, I may even try to do some afternoon classes for some of you who can't do it in the mornings due to work just will have to see how many are interested in afternoon classes and how we can fit that into our ball schedules.
Lessons will be done at my parents house off of Pisgah Rd. (that is a road that runs between Holly Grove Rd. and Hwy 59 W)
I have previously been Red Cross Certified as a Water Safety Instructor and taught swimming lessons and lifeguarded for many years at the base in Millington. The only thing that I can't give you like the lesson's at the city pool would be a red cross certificate that says they completed level so and so, and that is b/c I let my certifications lapse b/c I never thought that I would be teaching and be able to do this in the summer. It will still be the same lessons just no sheet of paper!
I will be dividing classes up into different levels based on their ages and swimming abilities. If you have an infant who just needs to get used to the water and learn the basics or an older child who needs to learn the proper way to do the strokes I will split them up the best I can and classes will be kept small.
Please email me or call me at 476-7188 or 461-4113 if you would like to sign up or have questions!

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Anonymous said...

I used to go to the community swimming pool to take my swimming lessons. I must say the trainers there are very professional and friendly.