Sunday, February 1, 2009

Madison's Birthday!

Madison & I my senior year at softball senior night
My birthday my senior year!

Madison is counting down the days until these braces come off!

Kinley & Brie led us in Happy Birthday singing!

What a beautiful cake Felecia has made once again, she has became quite the baker!

My niece Madison turned 14 yesterday January 31st! Boy, am I getting old. I can remember sitting in the Methodist North waiting room doing my homework waiting on her to be born. Even though I was only a sophomore in high school, she was the greatest thing ever. I still cherish a picture of the two of us my senior year during my senior night for softball. Madison was only around 2, but she loved coming to my ballgames and cheering. Jason and I even bought her a charger cheerleader outfit and took her to many football games with us. I still have the cheerleader outfit, and my mom even saved it and now Brie has worn it many times. (Of course, this year she hasn't been able to wear it out of the house! My mom did find an old one that is Brighton colors!) I remember one day her parents were painting and Jason and I were watching her at my parent's and she had what we at the time thought was the worst poopy diaper in the world, we thought we were going to pass out before we go her cleaned up! (we had no idea what we would be getting ourselves into years later)

Brie reminds me of Madison at that age so much. They resemble each other a lot!


Christi said...

OMG! That cake is awesome!

Elisha said...

Kaleb looks alot like Madison in the face too. I can't believe she is already 14!!

Sommer and Robert said...

Love the cake!

Becky McBride said...

I believe that the cake is going to be in high demand.....

You,April, have not changed that much at lucky you are!