Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Papa!!

Papa and Granny at Thanksgiving 2008

Papa turned 81 today and we celebrated with cake and ice cream tonight. My kids are truly blessed to have their great-grandfather living next door. Papa is still very active and enjoys spending time with his boys. Just this weekend they spent Friday afternoon chasing around a pregnant cow through the pasture trying to get her up, Saturday morning helping the cow deliver her baby, and Sunday afternoon putting a fence up around the cow due to difficulties with the delivery and the cow is sick. The boys are able to ride across the pasture to papa and Granny's any time to see them or to help load hay or whatever Papa needs. They also ride across just to get some goodies from Granny! They think it is the greastest thing ever and I am glad that they love to help their Papa with whatever he needs whether it be fixing a broken fence in the pasture, feed cows, feed horses, or catch cows they love it.

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