Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 28th SNOW!!!

Brent with his sunglasses on to block the snow!
Conlee and Brie sledding

Mommy & Brie!

Conlee, Bailey, & Maggie

When the weatherman says that we may get a little snow, I have just ignored it because we normally don't get any or a few flurries. Not today!! We let Brent's basketball game around 3 and walked outside and it was sleeting. I went into wal-mart to do my grocery shopping very quickly because I had my 3 plus Maryselle and Conlee. When I got out of walmart it was snowing, and by the time we got to the girls house to get the coveralls and boots we were driving really slow. It is still coming down hard at 822pm! I hope we get alot!
The kids had a great time playing outside today!

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