Sunday, February 22, 2009

Today's Relfection!

On the way home from church today I asked Brie what she learned at Children's church. So told me that she learned about how sick kids die and go to heaven, although I am sure that may have been talked about at some point I highly doubt that her lesson was that sad today. She said that kids sometimes get sick and they have to fly up to heaven to be with Dr. Zach and Miss Megan's daddy.
When Brie says things like this it makes me try to remember if I remember having to deal with death that early, when I was only 4. I think the first person I really remember dying that I knew was when I was in the 2nd grade and my Paw died of Leukemia. It was so bad for me and my entire family, there are 9 of us grandkids and we were all very close to him. My grandmother kept me everyday so when my Paw wasn't at the firehouse, I was riding on his John Deere with him cutting wheat or planting beans. Life was great.
It makes me sad to know that Brie has had to struggle to understand what death means so early. She loved Dr. Zach and ask every time she has to go to the dr. why he can't come back. She made Miss Megan a rocket for valentines day and told me it was so she could fly up into the sky to see her daddy. It makes me even sadder to know that Mia is Brie's age and has to deal with losing her father.
Brie is the sweetest thing, she has a big heart. Jason is working all week and every weekend since January at the VA hospital. Last night on the way to the boat show we were talking about his work and he said that the VA hospital has been his favorite hospital to work at because there are not any children there. He has had to work at St. Jude and Lebouner alot has said it just makes him sick to work there and see the sick children. God has truly blessed us with 3 healthy and happy children. God has blessed us in so many ways. He has blessed me with a loving husband, 3 great kids, and I can't say enough about my mom and dad and the rest of my family.. I love you all!


Laura Dawson said...

Great post!

Becky McBride said...

What a wonderful reflection....I think that as often as we think that we appreciate what we have, we forget what we have too. Your post is a reminder that we should always be thankful for our childrens, our spouse, our parents, and essentially, our lives!

Kristi said...

Raygen and I were just talking Friday night about how Kinley and Brie somehow get on the subject of Dr. Zach and Ms. Megan's daddy, almost every time we are riding in the car. They were talking about it Friday night, both of them looking at the stars on the way home. They are both really sweet about it. They always say "do you know Dr. Zach and Ms. Megan's daddy are up the sky?" (I used their exact grammer) then they talk about how Jesus came down from the sky to get them. I have often thought myself this is a lot for them to think about, I was 16 years old before I had to deal with death. I love these two girls! They are precious!