Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Busy, busy..

Well, I am not quite as good keeping up with this as some of my friends! We've had an exiting last couple of weekends. Last weekend we went to the waterpark in Kentucky with some friends of ours Wade & Kelley and their kids, we had a great time! This past weekend was super busy! Friday night we had Brent's 9th.. yes 9th birthday party. He had a blast and was so happy all of his friends came. Saturday we had two birthdays to attend and spend the rest of the day at Brie's friend Brennens house swimming until she was exhausted and fell asleep in my lap.
Monday was a sad and hard day for me as a mom.. Brent left for his first week church camp! The bus rolled out of Holly Grove parking lot as my eyes filled up with tears. Not only was this day the 21st his birthday, he has never been away from me more than a weekend. But even a weekend I can call and talk to him, I can't even see or talk to him until we go and pick him up Saturday! I hope I can make it.
Last week we went to Garland Meth. VBS all week, this week is our church's VBS so we are getting home around 9 every night this week too! I'm going to be exhausted. :) But I love spending time with the kids and youth and church!

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