Tuesday, October 21, 2008

take a breath..

Some days I feel a bit overwhelmed, and today was that day. School was great kind of think of it, all classes were good, yesterday was a different story! They had alot of energy afer being off all last week for fall break, and I was exhausted last night when I got home at 10 from class.
Back to today.... Brie went to the pumpkin patch with preschool, my mom took her on her field trip and I went and picked her up when they got back b/c it was my planning period and brought her back with me. I thought it was only for about 90 minutes, but boy was it a long 90 minutes wen she was exhausted! There was alot of whining because she didn't want to color anything I had at school, printed off, or the markers weren't the color she wanted. I think all mom's sometimes have these moments. Then we had to go and get flu shots, they were so not happy! Bailey was the only one who didn't mind, I guess he has gotten like me since we get allergy shots every week we are sort of used to it. It was horrible, I feel so embarrased when I have to practically sit on them so they can get a shot, but surely i'm not the only mom doing this?
Next.. it's on to pick up my truck from getting new tires, they were good at the Ford place, then to Kroger.. 3 kids in a grocery store stresses me out!!!! On the way home Brent & Bailey wrestled and argued the entire ride home in the 3rd seat so I couldn't reach them, I just turned the radio up and tried to breathe so I wouldn't pull over and kill them!!!!!!!!
But now, here it is 8:30, and my babies are asleep, Brie laying beside me and I now see the sweetest child. I forget all the hectic moments of this afternoon, because they are so precious. A gift given to me by God to love, care for, teach, inspire, etc. I have to take them time to remember that they are only little once, and its okay for them to be rowdy, after all they are kids and I would worry they were sick if everyone actually sat still and quite in the car. Boys 13 monthes apart are just a mess, but then sometimes they are so good together. I guess boys just are going to be boys. Then there's this little princess who has two rowdy big brothers.......


nicole said...

You know the saying, "When it rains, it pours?" Some days are like that aren't they? Nobody'd be normal without CRAZY days. It makes me appreciate the good times even more!

Christi said...

I hear ya sister! Took Ethan to the doctor today and it was a pain!