Monday, November 24, 2008

One big assignment down

Whew.. one big assignment is down. If you have been around me lately you know that I have been totally stressed! Tonight I had a 30 minute presentation to present for a huge part of my grade. Last monday I had 6 lesson plans due using Bloom's taxonomy, Friday I have a 10 page paper due for a huge chunck of another classes grade, and then I have a 5 page paper due the following week, then a final exam. I don't know what I was thinking as I started teaching this year and signed up for 6 hours?? Two classes of work to do while I am learning to teach, and raising 3 children of my own? Agh!!!!!!!!
I can't wait for December 5th to get here and this semester be over! (ofcourse I need the time in between to finish up my papers!) I hope to finish up my 10 page paper tommorow or Wednesday.. ha since I had to do all this research for the presentation, I am writing the paper on the same subject b/c they are for two different classes. Thursday I will be enjoying family time, and Friday I will be shopping! Can't wait!

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