Saturday, October 10, 2009

Brie the beautician?

Brieanna played so well back in her room this morning while I was doing my homework in the den. At one point she came in the den and was talking to me and I looked, then looked again, and said "WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR!?" she responds, "I cut it, I'm sorry." I didn't yell, hey I once did it myself. Guess I should have expected it to happen at some point. She has done it once before, but it was on the side and just one little piece she cut.
I guess that she thought she needed some bangs, cause she sure cut her some!


Amy said...

Who hasn't done that to themselves? I know I did when I was her age. I cut my bangs!

nicole said...

I know you weren't very happy to see that she had cut her own hair, but it makes me happy to see that someone else is going through the same thing we've just gone through. John Owen cut his hair a couple of weeks ago, right in the front, terribly noticeable! So, this week Mr. Coy gave him a very short haircut and told him he better not do that again! I bet he'll remember what Mr. Coy said more than what I had to say about it! :-)

Kendra said...

Oh dear - I dread the day. Maybe I'll hide the scissors forever... At least she looks cute with bangs!!