Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Community Park burned down

I ran to the grocery store quickly after Brie's basketball practice tonight, while Jason stayed at practice with Bailey. On the way back home there were emergency vehicles going every where! I got home only to find out that Cobb Parr Park playground was on fire.

Like most people in Covington, we frequent this park on a regular basis. My kids love, well loved, it. I showed them the pictures earlier and they all teared up, Brie wanted to know why someone did that. That is a question of my own. It is being investigated as arson. Why? Who would want to take away the many smiles this gives our children?


LB said...

The Grinch Who Stole the Park...

Seriously, there is a special place in H-E-double hockey sticks for people who do crap like that.

Probably one of Liz's juvenile delinquents. LOL!

ehenfling@tipton-county.com said...

It's funny that you said that,LB. It was the first thing they wanted to talk about this morning. I didn't even know about it. My kids loved that park.(except for all of the wasps)