Sunday, March 28, 2010

Girly flip flops

Last summer while at the beach Brie saw a pair of flip flops with ribbons and had to have them. She has worn them out, so much they break very often! She just had to wear them to the Easter Egg Hunt, and everytime she runs to fast the toe thing comes out, so I promised her we would make some new ones. So after church and lunch at memaws, we came home and made her flip flops. Now, she can't wait to wear them tommorow even though I told her it wasn't quite warm enough.. but I guess it will be okay! She's ready to go pick out new ribbon to make more already!


Laura Dawson said...

Great job!

Christi said...


LB said...

Very cute! Did you just use hot glue on them?? Aw, hell... Now I'm going to have to make some for G. She loves flip flops, too!