Friday, May 7, 2010

Growing up

Yesterday was a big day for Brie, we registered her for Kindergarten! She is so excited. I can't believe that it is already time for her to go to big school in August. Seems like just yesterday she was sleeping in the bed with us as a baby... but wait, that is still happening! Occasionally she will sleep in her own bed, but not too often. Everyone has their opinion on this subject, but for me I don't really care. This is our last little one and if it makes her feel safe to sleep with us most nights then that is fine with me! I love to look over at her and see the sweet little girl asleep beside me.
It's scary for me to think that my kids are growing up so fast. This week while looking for Brie's documents to register her for kindergarten I found a couple of pictures I used to have on my desk of the boys when they were little. Like 2 and 3 little... boy were they cute! It's hard now to remember exactly everything about that time when they were that little, it seems so long ago. don't get me wrong, I remember those times and have lots of memories, but when I try to think about it it is hard for me to exactly remember just having 1 child and everything about each one of them. When they're babies you think you will remember EVERYTHING, and 10 years later that just isn't the case! Too bad this blog wasn't around when the boys were born! I guess I will have to get my picture books in order to make up for that!

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Riley turned 6 on Sunday and it made me cry. I still feel like he's my baby--even though there is one behind him!