Friday, May 15, 2009

Bad Morning

Okay, I am guilty of being a bad mom this morning. My boys poked around all morning and when I was walking out the door Bailey was still in his underwear and neither had brushed their teeth. I don't know what in the world they do after they get out of the shower, actually I know what Bailey does. I have found Bailey on the couch asleep after taking a shower.
They are 8 & 9 so they are old enough to know that they have to get ready after taking a shower!! I have enough to do getting myself ready and Brie!
Needless to say when we pulled into the high school the bus was getting ready to pull of and Luckily Bailey Roe saw us and was waiting and told the bus driver they were coming. Bailey and Brent just sat there and said "we're not going to make it" I was like "GET OUT DON'T YOU SEE BAILEY STANDING THERE WAITING ON YA'LL!!!"
Whew... sometimes mornings are so stressful. Jason leaves at 5:45am so he is gone before the kids even get up. Only 5 more days of getting ready for school and I can have some sanity.
I know they are only little once and all this will be funny in a couple of years, but for now they are wearing me out!

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Christi said...

I completely understand!!!