Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Brie's dance recital rehersal

Brie wasn't too happy about doing her ballet
She stood there, then ran to me!

Now, it was time for doing flips and she finially got woke up enough

she has gotten so good at her cartwheel!

Well Brie feel asleep about 2:00 Monday afternoon, I was at home with her that day. I got Teri to pick the boys up from school with her kids so that Brie could finish her nap before dance. Little did I know at 3:15 when I tried to get her up she would get in the truck and go right back to sleep on the way there no matter how much I tried to talk to her. When we got there, just about everyone (us and 1 other kid) had on their costumes and we didn't know they were supposed to wear them b/c Brie had fever last MOnday and we missed class.

Brie was grouchy and didn't want to get out of my lap, so she didn't do much. At the end of gymnastics she finially came alive and then didn't want to leave. I managed to get a few pictures even though she was quite grumpy and I was too because I wanted to see her get out there and dance!

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