Friday, June 19, 2009

Loss of our best friend

Our American Bulldog had a heat stroke today and died while we were in Dyersburg at Bailey's allstar game. Jason fed and watered them this morning, his mom came and checked on them and watered them again before lunch, and this afternoon when someone came to check on them he'd had a heat stroke. Bulldogs have a small airway and he just couldn't take the heat today. We had him a dog house for shade, kept plenty of water.. just didn't work. We should have tried to do more... maybe I shouldn't have kicked him out of the house at Christmas. I just couldn't stand the hair shedding anymore. He has done so good and loves it outside. We watch them and make sure they have plenty of water... maybe I would have been able to help him if I'd only been here and not at a training class in Martin, just too late for everything.
He was our baby, we loved him very much and he loved us. I know its a dog, but he was a member of our family. We got him when he was 3 mths old and he grew up with us in the house. It was so sad to see him tonight, ofcourse Brent wanted to help bury him and Brie wanted to watch, she was so sad wanting him to get up. It was so hard to watch my babies cry and their little hearts broken.
Diesel will definetly be missed.


Amy said...

Oh April! I am so sorry!! I can only imagine what you all must be feeling right now. You know how I am about my baby, Joey. I dread the day when we have to do that. I will be thinking of ya!

Kendra said...

I am so sorry. And no, it's never "just a dog" when it's YOUR family pet. I'll be thinking about you!