Sunday, April 4, 2010


Daddy swinging with Brie while the boys hide eggs!

Brent wants to make sure everyone knows he is hiding eggs for his little sister, not hunting!

Bailey feeling much better!
Isn't he the cutest thing?

Out of the church clothes, dinner, then a little muddin'
We had a great Easter. We didn't quite make the 7 am Sunrise service as we had planned, but we were packed at Sunday School and preaching and service was great. We have a great sunday school class, and last week they were so sweet and brought Bailey a basket of goodies and supper after his surgery. He was so happy to have some more new things to lay on the couch and play with, this sitting still is killing him!
After church, the Kinney's gathered at the Burlison community center, as there is so many of us it gets a little crowded at our houses! Lunch was great, and the kids loved playing outside on the park and hiding eggs.
After lunch, we loaded up the four wheeler and headed over to my cousin Jason Howard's to ride four wheelers with his family. We had so much fun, it's crazy how a little mud makes the best time ever for the kids. They were completely worn out when we got home last night.

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