Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Brie's big girl bed

However, we have met one huge milestone this past weekend. Friday night while shopping I got Brie a big girl bedspread and Saturday we went and bought her a big girl bed. Brieanna has NEVER slept in her room. She would not sleep back there in her crib as a baby, and made it only a couple of nights in her toddler bed.So yes, she has slept with us for 3 years and 11 mths!
She has been so excited about her bed. The first night she made it until around 1. Sunday night Bailey slept with her, and last night she made it all by herself. We'll see how tonight goes. She told the elf this morning to tell Santa she slept in her bed all by herself! Maybe the elf works after all?


Elisha said...

I can't believe that she slept in hewr big girl bed all night! Yay!

Pasifik said...

Wow... you have a beautiful decorating bedroom for her. She must like it her new bed!

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