Friday, December 26, 2008

I can't believe another Christmas has come and gone. Brent, Bailey, and Brie got some great things from Santa and were all very happy. We all had a great time spending time with both sides of Jason and my family.
I started about 930 tonight and got all of my snowmen put up and all the ornaments off the trees. I usually wait untill the first of the year, but I want to enjoy my week off next week and need to get the tree put back upstairs while Jason is home so I can get my house all cleaned up and back in order. We have Christmas with all the Howard's tommorow so I wanted to make sure I get it done.
Diesel is outside for his first night since we got him last March. We are going to see how that goes, he hasn't stopped barking yet, and it is 1140!! He is a great dog, but I am really tired of vacuuming twice a day and still having dog hair everywhere. Plus, he really likes to chew up anything of Brie's from barbies to puzzles. Hopefully he will get used to being out in the pin with Nate dog.

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Christie Jarvis said... did it work out with the dog being outside?

I hear you about having to clean dog hair up all of the time. We have a Border Collie that leaves hair everywhere. We have to vacuum daily too.

Have a happy new year. See ya soon!