Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day at the lake for Grandmother's birthday

Growing up the Kinney family along with many other families from the Holly Grove area spent at least a week if not more at Pickwick Lake together. Of course as time as went out and families have gotten busier, those times have been long gone. Last year the Kinney's started a new tradition for my grandmother's birthday. We all go up the weekend of her birthday to Pin Oak and spend the weekend skiing and watching the kids play.
Unfortunately with me having the flu this week I knew I couldn't handle all weekend so we just got to go up on Saturday and I sat in the chair most of the day. I did ride in the boat a couple of times so I could take picture. Having the flu drained me and I have no energy at all. I was exhausted on the way home and had no trouble falling asleep!
The kids had a great time, the boys even stayed Saturday night with my parents so they could do it all over again. It was also Bailey's birthday so he had a birthday to remember!

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