Sunday, August 16, 2009

School has started!

I can't believe the first week of school has flown by! It was a long one for me, but the boys had a great time their first week! Getting back in a routine is tough! Up early, getting 3 kids ready, and getting somewhere on time is tiring! Brieanna hasn't started yet, and hopefully they will start soon because she has asked every morning is the preschool bus coming to get her yet!
School brings back busy times. Brie decided this year that she wanted to just do flips and cartwheels... so we are taking time off from Showstars dance and doing gymnastics with Mrs. Leslie at the sportsplex! She LOVES it! Brent & Bailey are back to baseball practice, though Brent is having a tough time swinging a bat since he just got his cast off last Monday, August 10th, the first day of school! Brent is also taking Hunter's safety course every Tuesday & Thursday for the next couple of weeks.

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