Sunday, August 2, 2009

End of Summer Break

Swam with broken arms....
Loved time with mommy...
learned to dive....

and actually acted like they loved each other!

End of summer break is a little bitter sweet. Oh how I have loved my first summer off with the kids. We have had lots of time together. I loved teaching swimming lessons, and we had a great vacation and a couple of quick trips here and there. I've repainted my living room, foyer, hall, and master bathroom, and gave the kids bathroom a redo too.
We've experienced a broken arm and a dog bite, both still healing. We've dealt with the death our our dog Diesel who the kids absolutely loved. We've had a rough summer, but overall it was great. I wouldn't trade anything for the time that I have had this summer to spend time with my children.
Today Bailey got stung by a wasp on his cheek, which he is allergic to and normally has to have an epipen injection if it is close to his throat but we are watching it. He normally still has to have a shot just because the swelling never seems to go down. He is out on the coach right now from the benedryl. Our fun never ends.
Back to school means back to routines. Back to getting up early, dropping Brie off at the sitter, (which is now a new sitter except on Fridays due to preschool bus not picking up at the old one anymore) and getting to BHS for me to teach, and kids to catch the bus over to BES. I am looking forward to seeing what another year of teaching brings. I am excited about the new classes I will be teaching and the new kids that will walk through my door.
I watched an episode of Oparah the other day that I had tivo'd while I was in California. It was the episode where the assistant pricipal who was a mother of two, forgot her 2 year old in her car while she went back to school for the first day back after summer break. It was a sad and touching story. Just like she said, we all think "what mother could do that!" but just like she said, we as mothers are so busy that we fall into our routines and sometimes when the routine gets changed we get off track. Her routine for the morning had been changed, the child was asleep when she put her in, and she just forgot her. I sure pray that even though I am a super busy mom, that I take the time to think and never let anything like this happen to my children. It was a touching story to remind us moms to slow down..... enjoy life..... don't make your life so busy.
That is my goal
Currently we are looking for a new church home. I have attended Smyrna for the 30 years of mylife. We are now looking for a church with more children my kids age and a great childrens department. We visited Holly Grove last week, Covington Assembly of God today, and will visit Central Baptist next week. Changing churches is not easy. I know that people are glad to have you there, but it's sort of like walking into a new job. Some people have been there for so long and you are not the normal person who is always there. I hate being that "new" person. But.. I know God will lead my family to the right church home. Change is never easy.
Something funny that happened just moments ago. This is to file in the kids say the cutest things:
(I'm cooking Spaggetti for supper)
Brie: "Mommy! I want some of that smell good, I'm hungry!"
gotta love 'em!


Christi said...

Sad to see summer end, too. Back to the grind tomorrow. Have a good year!

Laura Dawson said...

hope your school year starts out great!