Thursday, December 3, 2009

Be thankful

Thanksgiving break was not so great around the Howard home. We caught the awful stomach bug and spent the week battling it. It all started Saturday with Brie, went to Brent by Tuesday, me on Wednesday, and Jason by Friday night! My kids sure seemed to get over it in one day, but getting older must take a lot more out of you because I was still hurting and trying to regain my energy on Saturday!
Jason and the kids made it to the Beckett's for lunch on Thursday, and I was able to go to my family that night for a little bit. I even joined my great group of friends a little later than normal Friday morning for our girls shopping day. A couple of times I had to sit in the truck to rest, but atleast I got to spend the day with them!
However, we are just thankful that we have a wonderful extended family and food to eat. Our sickness was nothing compared to what some families are battling and we are thankful for that.

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