Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reflections of 2009

Wow.. I can't believe another year has came and gone. We've had quite the eventful year. In 2009, the spoiled princess turned 4, crazy Bailey turned 9, and Brent turned 10! Wow, by the end of this decade both boys will have graduated high school and be off to college and Brie will be in highschool, scary!.. the next decade is sure to bring many family memories and lots of good times.

January 2009 started us out with Brieanna and her Strawberry Shortcake birthday party, we even had a little snowfall towards the end of January.
February: Basketball was in full swing and Brie had her first sleepover here and at her friend Kinley Escues house. Brent and Bailey were on different basketball teams and continue to amaze me everyday. They adjusted well to a new school throughout the first semester and have continued to do great in school. We celebrated Papa, Big Daddy's and Uncle Nick's birthdays.
March: On February the 28th- the first few days of March we had more snow than we had had in a very long time! We were out of school for nearly a week and the kids enjoyed every minute of it. Maryselle and Conlee were here with us the first day after school when the snow hit us hard!
April: Easter egg hunts and family time always makes for fun. Of course we can't forget this year I turned the big 30. Spring break brought memories of a trip to the zoo and lots of family time. Of course, Brent and Bailey were nice and busy keeping us going at the baseball fields. Even Brie started softball this year. It was quite interesting with all 3 kids playing on different teams!
May: Brie's first dance recital, she did great! On May 6, we got our new Schnoodle Maisy! Brent and Bailey got to pick her out! School ended for another year.
June: Summer's off are great! I enjoyed June and bright and early mornings of teaching swimming lessons! We spent just about every day at my parents pool enjoying our time together. We missed memaw and honey as they were gone for 2 weeks to New York and Canada and many other places traveling. Jason had a birthday!
July: Brent turned 10! Brent and Bailey both made All Stars. We had a tragic day where we visited the ER twice! First Brent fell and broke his arm chasing Maisy around the house, we got home from Campbell's from getting a cast, and shortly after Bailey got bit by a dog that sent us rushing to the ER a second time. What an eventful day. Needless to say, Brent's team advanced another level the day before was when he broke his arm. We were still there to support the team. We took a great family vacation with one my good friend Amy Lenagar and her family. When we returned Brent and Bailey had a great birthday party at the Thorton swimming pool together. Brent & Bailey both went to church camp at Camp Clark Williams, this was Brent's 2nd year, Bailey's 1st.
August: Back to school we go. Brent began 4th grade, Bailey 3rd, and Brie her second year of preschool. At the end of August, I was one of the lucky first to be out a week with the H1N1 and Brent and Bailey both got it 2 weeks later. Brent got his cast off, and we ended the month of August sick and all at Pin Oak for Grandmothers birthday weekend. Once again it was some great family time and fun! Also on the 29th, a great little boy, Bailey turned 9!
September: Labor Day started us off with great fun at the cabin with the Lea's, Grant's, and Roe's. Riding 4 wheelers and mudding all day was the highlight of the kids weekend. We are blessed to kids that love to play together and get along great!
October: Brent, Bailey, and Brie all showed in a sheep show at the Union City Fair. The BBQ festival also involved a sheep show and piglet chasing which all 3 kids loved! This was the first year the boys decided they were too big for Trick or Treating and spent the entire weekend hunting for the Juvenile hunt with their Daddy and Big Daddy. Brie proudly wore her lady bug outfit to trick or treat, and her Indian outfit given to her by MarySelle to school. Memaw took her for the 2nd year to her trip to the Pumpkin Patch.
November: Thanksgiving Break was rough, We all endured the Stomach Flu! But, we all ended up getting through it by the end of the week and enjoyed time with our families and ofcourse I made it for a little while shopping with my great group of friends for Black Friday!
December: Kids enjoyed riding with the Brighton FFA during the Brighton and Covington Christmas parades. Brent and Bailey both did an awesome job in the Holly Grove Christmas Program and Brent even had a solo! Brie also participated in the Covington Assembly of God program where her Nana goes to church. We made lots of gingerbread man cookies for all 3 kids to take to school. Christmas was great! New Years Eve was spent at our Annual place of Malcomb and Renee Coulston, filled with lots of memories and great family and friends.

As I write this reflecting, I can't believe once again how fast the year flew by. Just looking through pictures to remind me of what happened when I can't believe how much Brent, Bailey, and Brie have grown and changed throughout the year.
I am looking forward to a new year filled with love and lots of time with family and friends and many more great memories. Happy New Year!


Jan said...

I enjoyed reading about your past year! And we wish you guys the very best for 2010...Happy New Year!

Jan said...

BTW...that last comment was made by Nicole, not Jan. I was just unaware that I was signed in under his name! :-)

LB said...

Happy New Year, Sister!