Monday, December 7, 2009

What happens when you give a 4 year old a camera?

Now, everyone knows how I love my Nikon big camera, it is awesome and takes the best pictures... but it is not so easy to tote around everywhere and my first digital camera was well.. a little outdated. So, on black friday I bought myself a small Nikon digital camera that I can keep in my purse. I have found that Brie loves to take pictures on my phone and this new camera certainly kept her entertained in Target while Terri and I did some Christmas shopping. It is so funny to me and amazes me to see the world through her eyes! She was so funny taking pictures of everything she wanted from Santa! It also continued when we returned home the next day!

My long time very talented friend Aimee made my boys sock monkey's when they were younger. Brie has inherited them and absolutely loves them along with her new colorful one that her Aunt Di sells at Old Town Hall that are named "Bailey"
her bows must be important, a new bouncy is on her wish list, and I hope she just wants momma to add that game to my phone b/c she has quite a while before a phone will be given by the big guy!

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