Monday, January 19, 2009

A great day!

We have had a great day off from school! Brent spent last night with Jack Bailey and Bailey was with Carter most of the weekend, so it was just me and Brie. We slept until 8:30 or so then just the two of us laid in bed untill around 10 watching cartoons. She is so funny.
Around lunch we went and picked up the boys, went to the grocery store, then took Brie to dance. She is loving taking dance lessons, today she also started gymnastics today too.
When we got home, we made jello and a cake. The kids love cooking. It was nothing fancy, but they loved every minute of it! As you can see they enjoyed the icing and licking the bowls better than anything!
As for the rest of our weekend, we had a busy weekend. Friday night Brent played basketball, we stayed untill half time of Lauren Rose's game so we didn't get home untill a little late! Saturday both boys played basketball, then we had Jackson and Cadens birthday party which the kids loved because it was at the indoor pool at the YMCA. It was another late night because we went to the Brighton vs Covington basketball game after the birthday party. Even though the Cards and both boys teams lost, it was still a great day! Sunday after church we took it easy though, and just played outside.
I'm hoping the rest of or week will be just as easy!

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