Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's been a fun, crazy week so far. Monday Brie started dance lessons, and she loved it. She has asked everyday is it time to go back to dance yet. After dance we went home, got homework done, supper cooked, and I had a JA board meeting. Tuesday after school, Brie and I ran to Bartlett to buy her dance shoes, rushed back and got Bailey to basketball practice while Jason took Brent. Tonight I just got them to bed after they have been at Awana's at Oak Grove tonight. While they were there Jason and I snuck up to eat Chinese all alone, it was nice! I feel kinda guilty though!!
Tommorow starts a whole new long busy day, up early so we can all get to school, then I have parent teacher conference's untill 6:30. Thank godness Friday's coming!!!

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Amy said...

I am so glad that Brie is taking dance. I so miss those days. She'll love it!