Friday, January 9, 2009

They grow up too fast!

All of these pictures are from May 2007. It amazes me how fast my children grow. I was looking through some pictures last night from 2006 when Brie was just turning 1, I can't believe she has now just turned 4 and the boys are 8 & 9. Where did the time go?
I try to think back sometimes about Bailey and Brent being babies and how they did this and that and when, it is sad that I struggle sometimes to remember certain things from when they were babies because so much has happened since! I know that when Brent was 1 and Bailey was a baby I was so stressed out have two chidren both under 2, but it is funny that now as I look back I don't really remember much about it but the good times.
It doesn't seem like that long ago that the boys were starting tball and learning how to hit a ball and now they are pitching??? What happened to dropping them off at nursery school so cute and sweet and now they are both big boys with homework and projects?
Brie even told me yesterday walking in to Wal-Mart that she was 4 and big now and I didn't need to hold her hand anymore. I told her she would always need to hold mommies hand!
Life changes so fast, I hope that I can just slow down and enjoy the good times that I have now with my babies because they will be grown before we know it.

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nicole said...

Wow! They do change too fast! Your kids are so handsome AND pretty!