Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's snowing!!!

I took the chance of taking snow pictures with Brie since she is here at school with me this morning before she goes to school. Bailey had already caught the bus over to the elementary school from the high school, and Brent is at Granny's sick today. Bailey and Brieanna were so excited on the way to school that it was snowing so hard. Hwy 59 from our house to Randolph was covered already, we had to drive slow! You can't really see the snow flurries since this is not my good camera that catches everything, but it is snowing really hard!
.. oh and by the way... YES SHE HAS A COAT!! She had already taken it off in my classroom and this is just right outside the door where she stood for one second and I snapped a quick picture Mom!

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Laura Dawson said...

Good to know my mom is not the only one who gets mad when the kids don't have a coat on!!